Melissa Zinna


Melissa loves yoga because it teaches her to live life from the inside out. After years of dance training, she was looking for something that gave her that same powerful form of expression. She had contemplated trying yoga for years, but hesitated because she thought it would be too slow paced. Instead, when she stopped dancing after college, she began running and completing high intensity interval training workouts. She enjoyed the athleticism that came with both, but still felt like something was missing. Finally a friend asked her to try a power yoga class. Walking out of the studio after her first class, Melissa was dripping with sweat and beaming with a smile full of fulfillment. She began practicing yoga 4-6 times a week from that day forward. 

In 2013 Melissa completed her 200 hour teacher training at Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia. She continues to be awestruck by yoga’s power to heal, strengthen and detoxify her from the inside out.